The different story versions of the Women who beat up a Man in Akure (photos)

Once upon a time, in the land where many people lack home training, two women were jejely walking down a street in Akure, on a peaceful Sunday afternoon. Continue after the cut...

That’s how one man came to ‘toast’ one of them.

As per, she didn’t like his face, she told him: 

Instead of him to quietly chop his Ela, he started harrassing them:

And being the baddest babes that ever liveth… 

They pounced on him and beat him so much until he fell inside the gutter. 

But wait first…Maybe that’s not exactly what happened… 

What if the man was a bad sharp guy that had girlfriends on every street in Akure. 

And unfortunately for him, two of his girlfriends found out and became friends. 

So they confronted him… 

And instead of him to just confess, he said: 

So they beat him very well for being a lying, cheating demon. The End. 

These two women actually beat up a man in Akure. But everybody is doing amebo and nobody knows which one is the real story.

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